Welcome to ChipBoxTuning.com

We are one of the largest chip tuning companies with well over 40,000 costumers around the world. We specialize in producing and selling chip boxes and other electronic car devices of the highest quality.

We offer good quallity chip box and powerbox for a range of 2,200 vehicles: diesel and petrol cars. We are sure that you will be satisfied of our products. Our chip boxes are equipped with the engine protection function so  they are 100% safe for your car engine.

Installation of chip box tuning is very easy and fast. Usually, it only takes you 10-15 minutes, without special tool and without any engine vehicle knowledge. 

Our supplemental control unit provides many vehicles with turbo diesel or turbo petrol engines a power increase of up to 25%. At the same time, you can save up to 0.2-1.5 litre fuel per 100 kilometres.

We would like to ensure you that our work is our passion.

Our main domain is: DRIVING PLEASURE.

Our team work through the highest efficiency and productivity of the offered devices. We do our best to assure you reliable service and prompt delivery. We constantly extend our assortment by launching new products. We are a thriving company that pays special attention to the market requirements and to individual customer’s need.

Company details:

Larysz Krzysztof
ul. Gliwicka 6
59-220 Legnica

NIP: PL8722195862
REGON: 020644220